March 28, 2015


Carol Vernal, Founder & CEO, CMAF read more>>

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2013 Board of Directors

CEO/Chair: Carol Vernal – CEO, Children’s Medical Aid Foundation, Sonoma, CA

Secretary: Sheila Reilly



Sylvia Bertram, BSN

Eric Chang – IT consultant, former high school math teacher, and 14-year veteran of the US Air Force

Bonita Hoskins, DDS - Private practice, Yuba City, CA and Kathmandu Model Hospital, Nepal

Bennett Martin, AIA – Associate, STRATAa/p, Sonoma, CA

Andreas Sakopoulas, MD – Cardiovascular surgeon, St. Helena, CA

Ngima Sherpa - Manager, Meritage Restaurant, Sonoma, CA and Past President, Himalaya Sherpa Club, Sonoma, CA

Sanjeeb Shrestha – Nepali businessman

Sharon Marks, BSN - Napa, CA


2013 Advisory Board Members

Jean Arnold Sessions - Founder, Jean Arnold Group & Jean Arnold Foundation, and President, Hanzell Vineyards

Larry Barnett – President, Epiphanet Web Development, Sonoma, CA and former City Council Member (three terms) and Mayor (two terms), Sonoma, CA

Robert Girling, MBA, PhD - University of California, Berkeley, CA

Donna Halow, MBA - Treasurer and Co-chair, Nonprofit Services Initiative, Sonoma Valley Fund of the Community Foundation of Sonoma County, Sonoma, CA

Sandy Kay, AFCA - Contemporary and West Coast Artist, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dikendra Maskey – Nepali restaurant owner and former Peace Corps volunteer

Teresa Pahl, Attorney - Partner, Business and Corporate Section, Hanson Bridgett, San Francisco, CA

Barbara Sachs, PhD - Retired, University of Washington, Seattle, WA