February 27, 2020

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Kirtipur Hospital Cafeteria feeding 2800 people each week

An update from Carol Vernal

Thanks to generous donations of $11,000 and counting, Kirtipur Hospital has been able to feed more than 2000 earthquake victims, volunteers and hospital workers over the past 5 weeks. We continue to provide free meals for hospitalized patients without funds but your generosity has helped us through the worst of the crisis. Things are starting to get back to normal. Read the full update on the recovery process here

Nepal's quake killed more than 5,000 people and injured at least 10,000, and 70,000 houses have been destroyed. Thousands of people are without food and need help. Kirtipur hospital continues to provide care to earthquake victims, and the hospital cafeteria is feeding patients and volunteers. At $0.75 per meal it costs $300 each day to feed 400 people. Your donation will be used to feed medical staff, volunteers, patients and earthquake victims. We appreciate whatever you can give. Please visit globalgiving.org for more information and to donate.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Thousands of people are left homeless without basic needs. Although aid is starting to get through, some people in remote areas closest to the epicenter of the quake are stranded without shelter, food or water. Doctors and volunteer medical staff are working long and hard hours and must have healthy food and water to keep their energy up. Patients come in weak, tired and hungry. Good nutrition is essential for healing wounds.

How will this project solve this problem?

Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Center is one of the few hospitals that survived the earthquake with the ability to provide medical and surgical care. Now 7 days after the earthquake the hospital was packed to the hilt with critical patients. Most patients, medical staff, volunteers, and earthquake victims are without food and water. The hospital Cafeteria will provide meals and clean water for 400 people a day and possibly more.

Potential Long Term Impact

About 30 - 50,000 residents from Kirtipur and surrounding areas will benefit from free healthy meals and potable water. With proper nutrition, immune systems are enhanced to help community fight off diseases and better deal with survival issues on a day-to-day basis. Chances for re-building homes and community can only happen when basic human needs are met. The sense of trust and security between community and hospital are being strengthened to aid an overall sense of safety and well being.

Funding Information

You can donate to help the Kirtipur Hospital cafeteria provide basic nutrional needs during the recovery period at globalgiving.org. As little as $15 will provide food and drinking water for 20 people, and will help these communities focus on rebuilding and recovering.

Medical supplies donated

In July, Mary Jane Stolte delivered 864 toothbrushes that were donated by Dr. Brattesani, a local Sonoma County dentist. Thank you for your generous donation, Dr. Brattesani and thank you Jane for your part in making the donation possible. You have made a difference in the lives of children by following through with an inspirational idea. In some rural areas of Nepal many children have never seen a toothbrush. A soft stick that becomes fibrous after use is utilized for cleaning teeth. Imagine that! We delivered the toothbrushes to a rural school in Nepal after learning of the childrens' need from a faith-based NGO working in Nepal.       A portable tourniquet system was purchased by CMAF  for $1,300 and donated to Kathmandu Model Hospital. This portable unit is used when working on extremities. It is a factor in reducing surgical time and making the surgeon’s work easier. Thank you to Delfi Medical, the manufacturer, for discounting the retail price by 50%. Thank you to Med Share for donating sutures and surgical instruments to CMAF. These medical supplies were delivered recently by CMAF CEO Carol Vernal to Dr. Pawan, Namita (a surgical nurse) and CMAF co-director Dr. Shankar Rai. These donated items are essential in providing corrective surgery at no charge to families whose children have disfiguring birth defects.

What they’re saying…

Sheila Reilly
Sonoma, CA
It is such a pleasure and a real privilege to support CMAF's work. I fell into mentoring a couple of Nepalese families in Sonoma County because I am an ESL teacher and then fell in love with the joyfulness of their culture, their true affection for and enjoyment of each other, the never-ending food and celebrations of life and their deep love for their children. I ran into many of the Nepalese families at the Kathmandu Festival every year and it was only natural that I would stop at the CMAF booth, pick up literature and see how I could help these beautiful and very loved children. Plus knowing how far an American dollar can be stretched in Nepal makes me feel that my little donations can help a lot. You and your network inspire me. I am so grateful to you and other all around the world helping the poor and sick. It's comforting and makes me feel less helpless to know you're out there doing your amazing work.  
Rannell Dahl
Occupational Therapist
Sonoma Valley Hospital
You have improved the lives of hundreds of children. We're so proud of your amazing work and are spreading the word to our friends and healthcare colleagues to support CMAF!
Nisha Thapa, RN,
Co-Founder/Executive Director of Sahayeta.org, a Nepalese community network in the Bay Area.
You are one of the unsung heroes that truly inspires all of us. I am glad to have connected with you.
 Mr. Ramesh Tamrakar
Project Director
SOS Children’s Village
Kathmandu, Nepal
We highly appreciate the work carried out by Children's Medical Aid Foundation in Nepal. It has helped to save the lives of children in the rural areas. The Foundation joins hands with other organisations working in the medical field. We need the help of Children’s Medical Aid Foundation to reach many poor children in the rural areas, mainly in the hilly regions. We wish all the best for the Foundation’s future undertakings and assure our best support in the days ahead.  
Shankar Rai, MD
Nepal Director
CMAF Corrective Surgery Program
Kathmandu, Nepal
I met Carol Vernal through a mutual friend in Kathmandu, while she was visiting Nepal and helping many children on her own personal level. She has a medical background, and spent a couple of months with our medical outreach team to help children in remote areas of Nepal receive corrective surgeries for congenital and traumatic deformities (not including cleft lip and palate conditions, which are addressed by other medical programs). Carol was very much liked by all of our team members, which includes nurses, doctors, therapists and coordinators. Since then, she has been coming to Nepal every year to work with us and develop vital partnerships with Nepalese government agencies, NGOs and community groups. She has a thorough understanding of Nepalese cultures, religions, and social/political conditions that can impact our work. Inspired by the opportunity to continue changing children’s lives, Carol went back to the U.S. and started the Children’s Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF). CMAF helps raise funds for our Corrective Surgery Program, enabling us to reach about 100 children annually who have birth defects. More than 600 children have already received life-changing surgeries through the support of CMAF. Most of these children could not have received these services otherwise.  
Larry Barnett
Former Mayor of Sonoma, CA
For years, Children's Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF) has successfully delivered health care services to women and children in Nepal who would otherwise remain untreated and suffering from pain or disfigurement. It has done this despite the challenges posed by remote locations, poor transportation and infrastructure, limited financial resources, and social disruption within Nepal. The success of CMAF, despite the hardships and difficulties, speaks to the dedication of Carol Vernal and those with whom she works, and the trust and receptivity of the Nepalese people and health care providers in Nepal. That there is great need for the kind of services that CMAF provides is without doubt; insuring that the financial and logistical support that is needed to provide services is more tenuous. An NGO such as CMAF provides care that governments cannot or will not provide. The future of CMAF is entirely dependent upon the funding, contributions and generosity of those who recognize the merit and value of easing the suffering of others unable to otherwise afford such care.  
Ken Brown
Council Member, City of Sonoma, CA
It has been a wonderful experience to be able to assist the Children's Medical Aid Foundation over the course of many years. Through the leadership of Carol Vernal, this foundation has steadily been a healing presence on behalf of the women and children of Nepal. I have worked directly with CMAF to build awareness of CMAF’s mission, both here in Sonoma Valley, California and to the citizens of Nepal. The world is a difficult place at best, but it is only through the efforts of those like the Children's Medical Foundation that we can create positive change.

Santa Barbara Group supporting Chisang Clinic

We are so fortunate! World Dance Santa Barbara raised $3,000 to pay for a patient exam room at Chisang Clinic in Bhawanee, Nepal, to be called the World Dance Patient Exam Room. They also helped raise another $650 at a benefit dinner at Fresco in Santa Barbara on March 2, 2012.       Carol Vernal, founder and CEO of Children's Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF), visited World Dance Santa Barbara on the weekend of March 1, where she danced with World Dancers in classes all weekend and joined a benefit dinner at Fresco in Santa Barbara. Carol spoke to members of World Dance about the people of Nepal and the suffering of the women there.   World Dance presented a check to Carol for $3,000 - raised from the World Dancers’ class fees. In addition, Carol left the Fresco event in Santa Barbara with a check for $650 from owner Jill Broulliard, who donated 10% of her profits from the March 2 benefit dinner to CMAF. The donated funds will sponsor development of a patient exam room at the Chisang Clinic in Bhawanee, to be called the World Dance Patient Exam Room.     “What a weekend - dancing, food and fun” said World Dancer Kari Isaeff. “I was thrilled to have Carol in town to talk to us about the needs of the Nepalese people, and Chisang Clinic.  I feel privileged to be part of a group who care about making a difference in the world.” “I was so impressed by Carol's dedication to this remote (at least to us) spot on the map and all that she's been able to do so far,” said World Dancer Lyndy Belchere. “There's a lot of love there. Hopefully, with our help, medical aid will continue to improve for these women. It feels so good to be a part of improving their lives. Thank you Carol for so enthusiastically sharing your story with us!  The world needs more, millions more, of you.” “What an honor to meet such a loving compassionate group of women who truly care about making a difference in the world,” said Vernal. “It was a pleasure to meet and get to know them all. I especially honor Janet’s hard work and dedication in creating World Dance Santa Barbara, and am grateful for their donation to Children's Medical Aid Foundation.”