February 27, 2020

Glen Ellen-Kenwood Rotary Club medical equipment donation

Nerve Stimulator PresentationAnesthesiologists are very scarce and often unavailable in the field. Children requiring corrective surgery of a hand or foot would require a nerve block to anesthetize the extremity. If an anesthesiologist is not available to administer a nerve block, the child's surgery must be rescheduled. This causes a hardship on the family and quite often the child is not able to return. Rotary participation is blossoming with Glen Ellen-Kenwood Rotary club donating a $2,500 Stimuplex nerve block system that allows doctors in the field to do nerve blocks of extremities prior to surgery when an anesthesiologist is not present. With the Stimuplex tool doctors can now administer a nerve block and eliminate the need to refer a child to Kathmandu or postpone surgery. CMAF looks forward to a continued friendship with Glen Ellen-Kenwood Rotary helping to improve the lives of children in Nepal. (Pictured: On behalf of Glen Ellen/Kenwood Rotary Club, Carol Vernal is presenting the Nerve Stimulator to Dr Shankar Rai, Chief Plastic Surgeon and Director of Kirtrpur Burn Center.)  

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