February 27, 2020

Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Center – Update

Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Center (KCBC), where our sponsored children receive care, is in a suburb of Kathmandu. It survived the earthquake unlike many other hospitals. KCBC does not turn anyone away due to cast, religion or inability to pay. Today all hospital beds are filled, ICU is full, 3 ventilators are in use and patients are waiting for surgery. This is indeed a strain on management of hospital supplies hospital and a challange for staff and doctors. I am very happy to report that the hospital cafeteria has been able to keep up with the demand to provide nutritious meals for staff and patients. Thank you for your donations that have provided corrective surgery for Nepali children. You have been instrumental in supporting the work of Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Center. Please visit our Support Page for more information on how you can continue to help (or begin helping). And thank you, once again.

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