February 27, 2020

Medical supplies donated

In July, Mary Jane Stolte delivered 864 toothbrushes that were donated by Dr. Brattesani, a local Sonoma County dentist. Thank you for your generous donation, Dr. Brattesani and thank you Jane for your part in making the donation possible. You have made a difference in the lives of children by following through with an inspirational idea. In some rural areas of Nepal many children have never seen a toothbrush. A soft stick that becomes fibrous after use is utilized for cleaning teeth. Imagine that! We delivered the toothbrushes to a rural school in Nepal after learning of the childrens' need from a faith-based NGO working in Nepal.       A portable tourniquet system was purchased by CMAF  for $1,300 and donated to Kathmandu Model Hospital. This portable unit is used when working on extremities. It is a factor in reducing surgical time and making the surgeon’s work easier. Thank you to Delfi Medical, the manufacturer, for discounting the retail price by 50%. Thank you to Med Share for donating sutures and surgical instruments to CMAF. These medical supplies were delivered recently by CMAF CEO Carol Vernal to Dr. Pawan, Namita (a surgical nurse) and CMAF co-director Dr. Shankar Rai. These donated items are essential in providing corrective surgery at no charge to families whose children have disfiguring birth defects.

Celebrate the Nepali New Year!

Lohsar1Experience a Nepali New Year celebration! The public is invited to a Lohsar (Nepali New Year) Party at Veteran's Hall in Sonoma, Sunday, Feb. 24 starting 6:30 pm. Just $35 at the door for dinner, drinks, and entertainment! For more info call 707-938-1807.     Lohsar2

Holiday Shopping Online Can Benefit CMAF

This holiday season, you can help raise money for CMAF just by surfing the web or purchasing products online at no extra cost to you! CMAF is registered with the following online philanthropic search/shopping sites. Just type in your search information and select Children’s Medical Aid Foundation as your favorite charity. Donations paid by participating online merchants are usually 1-5% of the purchase price. Please share your favorite search site with your friends, family, and others who might be interested. Every dollar raised can make a difference in the lives of children in Nepal!     www.goodsearch.com or www.goodshop.com www.igive.com

Lucky Boy

CarolandBishnuBishnu, a14 Year old Nepali boy severed ligaments, bone and tissue of left hand while cutting wood with a sickle. It was a very complicated 3 hour surgery performed by Dr. Kiran, the only hand surgeon in Nepal and the director of the corrective surgery outreach team. With healing and a lot of therapy he will have use of his hand again. He made me think of my grandson Colin being that they are the same age but with very different lives. Both are very lucky boys. - Carol Vernal, CMAF Founder and CEO

Help raise funds for our work in Nepal

You can raise money for CMAF just by surfing the web or purchasing products online at no extra cost to you! CMAF is registered with the following online search/purchase services. Just type in your search information and select Children's Medical Aid Foundation as your charity. Set up any of these sites as your home page and make it easy to raise funds for CMAF. Every dollar raised can make a difference in the lives of children in Nepal!

Festival in the News

CMAF's Kathmandu Festival received great media coverage from the Sonoma Index-Tribune, with photo features before, during and after the Festival weekend. Check it out - and thank you, Sonoma Index-Tribune!                 Kathmandu Festival supports children's health                           Kathmandu Festival to benefit children's health                     Kathmandu state of mind  

Kind words from our friends at Shambhala

                        Click here to see CMAF article in Shambhala's May 2012 newsletter.      

Santa Barbara Group supporting Chisang Clinic

We are so fortunate! World Dance Santa Barbara raised $3,000 to pay for a patient exam room at Chisang Clinic in Bhawanee, Nepal, to be called the World Dance Patient Exam Room. They also helped raise another $650 at a benefit dinner at Fresco in Santa Barbara on March 2, 2012.       Carol Vernal, founder and CEO of Children's Medical Aid Foundation (CMAF), visited World Dance Santa Barbara on the weekend of March 1, where she danced with World Dancers in classes all weekend and joined a benefit dinner at Fresco in Santa Barbara. Carol spoke to members of World Dance about the people of Nepal and the suffering of the women there.   World Dance presented a check to Carol for $3,000 - raised from the World Dancers’ class fees. In addition, Carol left the Fresco event in Santa Barbara with a check for $650 from owner Jill Broulliard, who donated 10% of her profits from the March 2 benefit dinner to CMAF. The donated funds will sponsor development of a patient exam room at the Chisang Clinic in Bhawanee, to be called the World Dance Patient Exam Room.     “What a weekend - dancing, food and fun” said World Dancer Kari Isaeff. “I was thrilled to have Carol in town to talk to us about the needs of the Nepalese people, and Chisang Clinic.  I feel privileged to be part of a group who care about making a difference in the world.” “I was so impressed by Carol's dedication to this remote (at least to us) spot on the map and all that she's been able to do so far,” said World Dancer Lyndy Belchere. “There's a lot of love there. Hopefully, with our help, medical aid will continue to improve for these women. It feels so good to be a part of improving their lives. Thank you Carol for so enthusiastically sharing your story with us!  The world needs more, millions more, of you.” “What an honor to meet such a loving compassionate group of women who truly care about making a difference in the world,” said Vernal. “It was a pleasure to meet and get to know them all. I especially honor Janet’s hard work and dedication in creating World Dance Santa Barbara, and am grateful for their donation to Children's Medical Aid Foundation.”

CMAF’s Carol Vernal to be Honored Guest at International Women’s Day Event

Carol Vernal, CEO of Children's Medical Aid Foundation, has been invited to be an honored guest at the Nepalese Association of Northern California (NANC) International Women's Day event focusing on men and women working together to end  violence against women and girls. One of many events being held on the 101st Annual  International Women's Day all over the world on Saturday, March 10, the NANC event will take place 5:00-10:00 p.m. at the Berkeley Adult School, 1701 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. There will be special guest speakers and entertainment, including dance and drama presentations. Tickets are just $10, with no charge for children under 10 years of age. Parking is also free. For more information, visit www.janapakur.com.

A Time to Be Grateful

A Happy New Year message from Nepal!