February 27, 2020

Medical Facilities/Supplies

Chisang Clinic

Village of Bhawanee, home to Chisang Clinic

While CMAF Founder and CEO Carol Vernal was in Nepal in late 2010, she learned of an opportunity to open a clinic in Bhawanee, a village in rural Eastern Nepal. An estimated 30,000 people were living in the Bhawanee region without access to basic medical care. CMAF partnered with a local Nepalese NGO, the Chisang Service Committee, to help raise the funds needed to refurbish a vacant building in Bhawanee, as well as purchase or obtain donated medical equipment and supplies, and recruit volunteer doctors and nurses to work with and train local Nepali staff. CMAF also brought in volunteer architects to collaborate with Nepali architects to redesign the clinic building and develop plans for its future expansion, to include OBGYN care for women, on-site pharmacy, and additional exam/treatment rooms for increased capacity. Kiosks located next to the clinic will provide enterprise opportunities for local residents and rental income to help sustain the clinic's operation.  

Chisang Clinic before renovation.

  We are pleased that, through the support of our generous donors, we were able to help raise enough funding to open Chisang Clinic on April 2012. Within two weeks, 200 patients were seen. Some patients walked for hours to get to the clinic, so staff began providing house visits to surrounding areas.     CMAF helped with the opening of Chisang Clinic by: * Designing the program concept in partnership with Chisang Service Committee * Identifying construction needs and services for remodeling * Assessing the operational needs for staff and patients * Donating $13, 622 for remodeling and furnishings, raised through our GlobalGiving partnership and private donations * Facilitating donations of necessary medical supplies and equipment for patient care * Purchasing utrasound unit through private donations * Providing architectural drawings for remodel of current building as well as site plan for future expansion * Providing long-range planning for ongoing development of clinic services * Developing clinic logo, signage and promotional materials, such as post cards, posters, T-shirts and banners * Promoting clinic volunteer opportunities through partnership with Village Volunteers and participation in UC Global Health Day * Meeting with Nepal's UNICEF Director to initiate a working partnership focusing on abuse of women and children.   The overall goal of the clinic is to promote women’s health through the provision of maternity and obstetrics care, including antenatal, natal, and postnatal care, and monthly Well Women Clinics. Chisang Clinic also strives to improve the health of children through established Well Child Clinics and monthly Immunization Clinics. Additionally, use of the facility is shared with other local and international NGOs for special outreach programs such as eye and dental clinics. Beyond acute clinical care, the clinic promotes community health through public health and disease prevention services designed to address local problems such as sexually transmitted infections and HIV, helicobacter pylori (bacteria in the stomach lining that can cause serious health problems), diarrhea, and maternal and child health.  

Two new exam rooms installed


Pharmacy under development.




Locals donating sand, bricks and labor to get first expansion started.




Dr. Briana Cranmer from Village Volunteers at clinic with young patient and his mother.



Carol with new patients.



One of our first patients - brought in by grandmother while mom was working in the fields.



We are seeing 45% women, 20% men, and 35% children at this time.


The clinic is able to provide 24/7 care, including emergencies.



The clinic offers an outreach program through Home Visits. These visits usually attract a lot of attention from other villagers.


                The clinic when fully restored and expanded. Outdoor kiosks will provide clinic revenue and jobs for locals.   Read about personal volunteer experiences at Chisang Clinic: Giovanna DeLuca Corinna Heiberg