February 27, 2020

The Kitchen at Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Center

In 2012 a makeshift kitchen was created at Kirtipur Cleft & Burn Center, even though the building was unfinishd. The kitchen came together to accommodate a volunteer surgical team from Operation Smile and the 60 patients that they were coming to serve. The makeshift kitchen somehow manifested nutritional healthy meals for visiting volunteers, staff and patients. Shortly after that Children's Medical Aid became involved and committed to design a modern kitchen, with trained personnel providing healthy nutritious meals for patients and staff. The ability of the kitchen staff to respond to the earthquake crises was the greatest reward for us. Since the original earthquake on April 25th, donations have been received from supporters around the world that have helped in numerous ways. Your donations helped to provide over 2,000 meals a week for earthquake victims for more than 5 weeks. Other substantial donations of money and equipment have helped the hospital provide medical care directly to those who have been hardest hit. We continue to provide free meals for hospitalized patients that are without funds. Your generosity has helped us through the worst of the crisis. Things are now starting to get back to normal. Good job everyone. Congratulations to you and everyone, and thank you. We deeply appreciate all the support that has been given.

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